Full Moon Tarot Reading

In the two weeks following this Full Moon in Cancer on 12 January 2017, it feels painful to let something go. But what is it that is feeling this pain? Is it really YOU that feels it or is it your conditioned mind’s idea of the pain you ‘should’ be feeling? When you let go of this outward projection and look inwards deeply, you will find a peace and serenity that is not disturbed by this pain that the mind created. This peaceful place is inside of you, never outside. It’s ok to feel this pain but do not be consumed by it, otherwise it will linger for longer than is meant to be. Instead, try to balance it with your inner knowing, that no matter how rough things might seem in the outside world, there is a calmness that is always inside of you. When you find this, you will be equipped to survive any storm that appears on your journey and you will have an unshakable faith that you will reach the shore safely and in due course, not before. Trust in the universe like this and a ‘Garden of Eden’ will start to reveal itself to you.

Mythic Tarot by The Fool’s Dog, LLC



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