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Full Moon Tarot Reading 

In the two weeks following the Full Moon in Taurus on 4 November 2017, you will feel a sense of personal accomplishment. It has taken some time to get here, but now that you have, you are proud of the stable and happy foundation you created for yourself. You may find yourself sharing your good mood and good fortune with those closest to you. During those times, an opportunity or idea regarding moving your dreams and passions forward another step may reveal itself to you. When it comes, try not to rush in head first and risk all the fabulous things you have built in your life so far. Take some time to consider and plan how you can best take advantage of this opportunity.

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Full Moon Tarot Reading

In the two weeks following the Full Moon in Aries, you will be putting in extra effort in to a recent opportunity you have taken. There may come a time where you have to make a tough decision about what you have built already and whether it’s worth taking the risk. Try not to be overly guarded (notice the two cards on the outside) as you may miss a wonderful opportunity for abundance and joy in your life.

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New Moon Tarot Reading

In the two weeks following the New Moon in Virgo on 20 September 2017, you will come to a realisation that a situation or cycle which was dragging you down (whether you knew it or not) has certainly ended. It may have been a painful ending, but now you can look back and view the situation more compassionately, which will assist the healing process. The release has also reminded you of your powerful ability to create tangible things, good and bad, and how to better control your passions enabling you to manifest more stability and security in your life.

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Full Moon Tarot Reading

In the two weeks following the full Moon in Pisces (6 September 2017 AEST), you will find you have ‘come out of the cold’ with your dignity and self confidence intact and this fuels the experience of strong visions and impulses towards your desired future. Your confidence is attracting people into your life right now who can help bring joy and abundance to you; they may seem to suddenly appear. People may be secretly admiring your talents, character and or soul. Also, remember to be charming and compassionate if discussing an honest truth.

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