New Moon Tarot Reading 20 October 2017

In the two weeks following the New Moon in Libra, you will think about what you have built so far and whether it’s worth taking an opportunity that may risk that. Some news or information, either written or an a-ha moment, will provide the clarity you need. Conflicting ideas and stubbornness, on one or both sides, generates potential for arguments. Try to exercise patience to avoid conflict and reach a decision on a new way forward.

The Witches Tarot ~


Full Moon Tarot Reading

In the two weeks following this Full Moon in Sagittarius, you will be presented with a choice that is part of your destiny. The presentation will not be perfect and may seem slow, but it is something that has long term potential and staying power. However to fully take advantage of this opportunity, whatever your choice, you will need to free yourself from any expectations from your environment and or yourself. Sometimes, what is meant to be and is right for you, is not what was expected so do what you can to clear your mind of any preconceptions as these may paralyse you when decision time comes.

The Sacred Isle Tarot –

New Moon Tarot Reading

In the two weeks following the New Moon in Gemini, events will unfold related to a new direction and perhaps a new life chapter. There is little need to push or pursue. As the ships come in, you will experience a sense of clarity and observe a potential for success. This will be a time where the light within you will be revealed but the simultaneous need for some solitude first may feel confusing. Once you identify with this inner light, you will see the beginnings of how it will be brought to the surface and out into your external world so you can share it with those who mean the most to you.

The Witches Tarot –

New Moon 31 Oct 2016 Tarot Card Reading

In the days between the New Moon in Scorpio, 31 Oct 2016 and the 1st Qtr Moon in Aquarius, 8 Nov 2016, you’re recent experience with the inner realm has both softened and strengthened you. While you are eager to use your new found wisdom, take a moment to pause and contemplate what it is you really want to manifest. You know it must be emotionally and spiritually satisfying as well this time around. Otherwise you know it wont last. Listening to your true self will lead you to manifest what is good and lasting for you and to experience circumstances where your inner light will shine through.

Sacred Isle Tarot by The Fool’s Dog, LLC ~


Synchronicity while Listening to Songs on Way to Work

  • ‘Fighter’, Gym Class Heroes – car sticker “Fear Naught”
  • ‘Lump’, Presidents of United States of America – Chiro/Osteo sign “Are you in pain?”
  • ‘The Distance’, Cake – Mercedes AMG Black
  • ‘Beautiful Dirty Rich’, Lady Gaga – Mercedes AMG
  • ‘Leaving Home’, Jebediah – Against Domestic Violence signage at Northcote Town Hall, Panoramic view of Melbourne skyline from tram.
  • ‘Straight Lines’, Silverchair – Two Chinese Lions flanking top of Lt Bourke St, Chinatown, Melbourne.