**How do I know if the reading is for me?
It will resonate very strongly.

**How do I know if it’s not for me?
The message wont make sense.
The message will feel confusing.
You will be trying to make the message ‘fit’.

Who am I?
I’ve lived in Melbourne, Australia for most of my life. I founded Tarot Australia in 2016. I use Tarot, Oracle and Lenormand to help deliver spirit messages to those who are intended to receive them. I don’t read reversed cards. The Tarot was never originally designed to be read in reverse. Reading reversed cards is a modern invention. Not saying I don’t respect readers who use ‘reversals’. I’ve even ordered readings for myself from readers who use them.

How did I start reading Tarot cards?
I had my first tarot reading and bought my first Tarot deck around 1997.
While I studied all the 78 cards over many years, I did not start reading for others until about three years ago.
I believe the purpose of the big gap between starting to learn Tarot all those years ago and starting to read for others was so life could take me through every experience described in each of the 78 Tarot cards.

Are there any questions you won’t answer?

Yes. I will not use cards or any other method of divination to;
– predict physical death
– spy on someone external to you.

If you want to know how someone feels/thinks about you or their situation as it pertains to you, that’s fine however if you are wanting to know what’s going on their life or what’s going on in a relationship external to you, that’s not something I will read on.

I’ve never had a Tarot reading done for me. What’s it all about?

Tarot cards show messages from your higher self, guardian angels, God, Spirit, whatever you would like to call it. Readings are accurate because the cards and I tap in to the energies currently surrounding you.
Tarot Card readings can help bring clarity and understanding of past, current and future events. “Cards show you what you need to know, not what you want to know”. You can also find some good information on Google. Click here for a short independent explanation on the How Stuff Works website.
Do you teach others how to read Tarot?

Currently no. If you are interested in learning Tarot, I can recommend starting points, resources, websites based on my own experience

My question isn’t answered above….
If you require further information on purchasing a reading or about Tarot in general, please feel free to contact me via email tarot.au@outlook.com.